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Midwest-based writer of creative non-fiction.

News & Features

Both short- and long-form journalism, from hard news to human interest. Special emphasis on business, crime, culture, urban and LGBT issues, and narrative-driven personal profiles.  


Experienced writer of niche industry news. Special emphasis on the marketing industry. 

Branded Content

Experienced copywriter. 


Longtime podcast reviewer for the A.V. Club. Occasionally reviews books as well. 


Zach Brooke

I've written my entire professional life. This includes stints at two newspapers, one trade publication and one software company where I helped build out the content library.

So far, I've found independent writing the most rewarding. The constant variety of people, places, topics, styles and even goals of assignments keep fresh the desire to craft.

In addition to reporting and writing, I’m also available for editing, research, fact checking and data crunching.

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